What is GoalHierarchy?

Goal Hierarchy is an academically-driven personal evaluation tool. Developed following rigorous research by respected industry academics, the tool allows your staff to gain a thorough awareness of who they are, what they do, and how their values can enable them to achieve their potential.


The tool uncovers the motivations, and subsequent actions, of an individual, giving you an in-depth understanding and assessment of their behaviour.


The comprehensive knowledge obtained provides actionable information to use when approaching employee concerns within your organisation. These include:

  • Leadership development

  • Teamwork amongst management and staff

  • Employee motivation

  • Organisational culture and wellbeing

  • Inclusion and diversity.


Moving beyond traditional, and largely inadequate, methods of personal analysis, Goal Hierarchy maps out multiple levels of a person’s life. What do they believe in? What are their aims? What must they achieve on a day-to-day basis?


Goal Hierarchy unveils a highly-accurate, detailed image of the person, showing what they truly want and what they believe defines them. At first stage, the individual must identify their own goals at different levels. Then, they must draw the connections, as they perceive them, between their different goals. This reveals a personal goal-map, where the complexities that make up a person’s character are broken down, and can be easily identified. [Examples of goal mapping can be viewed here.]


The result of this evaluation is a clear understanding about an individual that allows their workplace to make positive decisions based on personal values.


Goal Hierarchy reveals long-term goals, represented through values and identities, and short-term targets, signified by current tasks and projects. Revealing these goals within a specific, organisation-focussed tool allows companies to make successful changes to both environment and behaviours in order to increase productivity and wellbeing.


Designed following extensive research, Goal Hierarchy is an evidence-based tool developed following rigorous academic testing. It is supported by empirical evidence, validated through the EK Consulting team’s studies (which can be viewed here).


As an independent tool, it is robust, transparent and academically-sound.

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